Yvonne Kunz

Artist Statement 

“How does an artist shape her own persona?” — Miriam Schapiro

My father’s corpse lay in repose as I took photographs of his jaundiced figure. He would understand and completely support this practice as I would paint this scene to grieve, honor, curse, and heal from this life event. Making art is my way of thinking, processing, feeling. I create images that help define a moment or life experience, a way of being. I question my life challenges through my art making. I am a watcher of the world; a gatherer of images, knowledge, and resources.

My art however, is not fully autobiographical. A feminist since before I even knew the word, my philosophy is that the personal is universal. Therefore, my art speaks to the female experience: relationships, family, religion, mortality, education — evolving questions of this American life.

The physicality of material is central to my art. Working in encaustic, fibers, bookmaking, and drawing, I appreciate the inherent meaning these materials bring to an image. I revel in the liminal overlap, the Venn of association, when images and materials collide to create their own voice. I tell my truth to question the universal truth women experience daily.

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