The Music of The Pear and The Maiden

What story do you want to believe?

Yael Zahavy-Mittelman
What story do you want to believe – Come up with your own story?
November 2 – December 2, 2017
North Gallery

What brings us together? The need for stories is in our nature. It reflects our ideas, feelings, and desires. It passes from generation to generation, intrigues the senses and sparks the imagination. It allows us, even for a short while to be someone/somewhere else.

Yael’s artwork and art process, explores folk stories as a base for understanding the world around her, as well as to form a personal and social identity. Stories come to life through her artwork as well as through the written word. The more she learns to listen and get to know the people around her, the more the world is rich. Yael believes that art can gap most languages and cultures, it can unite us despite our differences, and allow us a common ground for a conversation and exchange of ideas.

Our harsh reality, as shown in the media, provokes despair, sadness, hopelessness. Violence and separation is dictated by politicians, reporters and people in the media. In this show, Yael invites the viewer to play, to come up with their own stories to the artwork they see. Let’s all take a minute to recognize the birth right we all have for safety, kindness, unity, and support. This show is an invitation to step out of the stories we call reality, and remember and figure out the stories we want to tell and the ones to be told.