Upcoming Exhibitions

You Remind Me of Me

Portraits in Time

Dorothy Anderson Wasserman
June 7-30, 2018
This is an exhibition of photo collage portraits; surrealistic in nature owing to the fluidity of the medium when exploring the illusive element of time. Wasserman takes all the photographs used in her work and assembles them by hand. The physicality of this method is closely connected with the history of collage ­making. The cutting, pasting, and assembly creates a rough, engaging surface. As a final step, the benefits of technology are utilized by digitizing the collage and printing it on rag paper, using pigmented inks. This helps to unify the differing surfaces and ... Read More

New Works: Collaborating With Disorder

Karen Graber
June 7 - 30, 2018 West Gallery Exhibition Statement:  The realm of abstraction never surrenders its surprise. Inherent in the artwork - collaborating with disorder, shaking hands with the unknown, spontaneity and mystery ... Read More