Upcoming Exhibitions

Falling Parallelograms of Air: A Psychotherapist’s Dream

Saundra Fleming
April 5 - 28, 2018
Q & A session April 21, 5-8 pm with Dr. Elizabeth Sikes on the topic of liminality and psychotherapy in relation to Saundra Fleming's paintings. RSVP to director@gallery110.com
The transmission of liminal energies between therapist and patient is the focus of this show ... Read More

An Abstract Self Portrait

Yael Zahavy-Mittlelman
April 5 - 28, 2018 Exhibition Statement:  Every image we form, every story we tell is a part of our self portrait. We are built like a jigsaw puzzle of stories, ideas and thoughts. We show ourselves fully at any given moment. We think we can hide our flaws, tell beautiful stories about ourselves to hide the truth. In truth, we can never hide our essence, our energy, our true flow. Growing up and maturing, is a process of self exploration. It brings big questions: Who am I? What is my role in the world around me? What ... Read More