Transcend-Dance: PNW Cultural Photography

Phil Eidenberg-Noppe
East Gallery
March 7 – 30, 2019

tran·scend·ence (noun): existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level, the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond the usual limits, a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience, far better than what is usual.

There are many reasons why cultures engage in dance including: self/community expression, emotional outlet, spiritual practice, and as a communication or educational tool. The state of being that ultimately underlies the achievement of all of these objectives is transcendence, whether by the audience, the participants or both. Transcendence through dance is possible anywhere – from a formal performance in a concert hall to a community gathering in a remote village. This series of photos was produced to depict the transcendence achieved through dance by many of the cultures that call the Pacific Northwest home. The exhibit presents both “documentary” and “impressionist” imagery.

The practice of dance offers transcendence beyond many of the challenges people face. Whether through visual art, music, dance or other cultural practices, going beyond the realm of the usual or normal is critically important – which explains why artistic expression is pervasive, persistent and treasured around the world.


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