Susan Gans

URBAN Exhibition Artist Statement

Susan Gans is a photographer in Seattle. Her urban and rural work explores what the accidental onlooker might not notice during daily travels through that landscape. Her photography often is documentary or “built” from compositing layers of images or double exposures to establish a narrative. Most is in black or white adhering to a journalistic or Street Photography tradition.

Other related work investigates the  meaning of “place”  in relation to history and the currents of change or investigates the meaning of “memory” metaphorically or as part of a biographical approach to tracking time past.

Once an active printmaker, this part of her practice now is more occasional and related to project work. However, the concept of creating layers as a technique for building a story comes from making prints prior to photographs.

Susan has a background in arts and museum education, and also spent time working in the public sector for social work agencies and a government Family Law practice. These experiences are interwoven in her images and ideas about the world she travels or seeks out.