Stacy Milrany

A while back, a friend asked me why I draw monkeys. I stared at her blankly. When something moves me – whether it’s funny, sad, beautiful, perplexing or simian, I don’t question it, I just write it down. I have shoeboxes of index cards filled with notes, thoughts and thumbnail sketches. My work has emerged from these observations of the external world and my internal thoughts.

This propensity for recording is matched by my love for visual art and many of its elements: color, texture, line and text. My background in advertising and design has certainly influenced my appreciation of typography and letterforms. And even when I was very young, letters and numbers displayed obvious personalities and genders to me. Some of my abstract paintings and prints reflect this intimate relationship with the alphabet.

Often I start my paintings and drawings on a collage background – the subtle and unpredictable lines of the overlapping papers create an interesting surface. This foundation and its lines help me determine what the piece should become.

Printmaking has become a recent love because it allows me to combine collage, layering, text, drawing, typography and storytelling. I also appreciate the mystery and imprecision that comes with this medium and the degree of experimentation it allows.

Thank you for viewing my work. If it amuses, illuminates, or intrigues, then I’m happy.

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