Ray Schutte

Exploring printmaking using inkjet printing processes, I create images characteristic of painters and traditional printmakers by building impressions layer by layer. Beginning with a photograph, I use computer generated forms on top of shapes found in nature. The resulting interplay of form on form becomes the subject matter, juxtaposing minimalist spatial patterns to force an awareness of the image’s presence.

In order to provide the viewer with a unique encounter I seek to create a direct confrontation with nature through sensation and symbolic interpretation. My intent is, as in the words of Barnett Newman “The visual experience of the painting (should be) a single experience… as single as the encounter that one has with a person, a living being.”

The process is interactive. Color and space relationships are created through multiple impressions. While some areas are printed as four color separations, individual areas may be printed in various orders of color or with different color management profiles. Selected colors may be expanded into fields to forge new relationships. Creating a non-tactile visual space to interrupt the viewers thinking and offer a discussion of color. The interplay of the photographic image with itself becomes the subject matter. Using natural forms of lichens to interplay with computer generated forms, I search for new meaning in nature and like to think that I am altering the DNA of the image.