Paula Maratea

Form, color, light. Paula’s bold use of color and strong compositional elements convey a sense of space, light and design. Her paintings are interpretations of events resulting from experimentations with paint and plastic. The digital compositions are a result of her curiosity and adaptability to the digital world she grew up in.

Paula Maratea’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood.  She was born in 1957 and moved with her military family.  While living in Monterey, CA. attending first grade, she made a drawing and believed it was a work of art. Sitting at the long table with the other children she made the decision to be an Artist. Having been to an Artist’s studio, her father had commissioned, and watching him paint, she became aware of the three dimensional space that could be created on a flat surface. “It was so cool”.

Paula studied painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond Virginia.  While working as a house painter for two years, she adapted to her surroundings, and learned a new skill. Paula continued her studies and received a Baccalaureate in Information Systems, and worked as a computer programmer. After moving to Southern California she attended the University of California, Los Angeles and studied computer graphics. “My first graphics computer was an Amiga, Apple made them”.

Marraige, work transfers and children caused a shift in materials from painting to digital work and then back again, and then again.  “Learning new skills will  generally cause fundamental changes in your process.  In the end it is still all about form, color and light”.