Susan Gans
East Gallery
July 7 – July 30, 2016
First Thursday: July 7, 5p-8p
Artists’ Reception: July 9, 5p-8p
Artists’ Walkthrough: July 23, 1-2pm

From the artist:

I gravitate to being a witness to life around me taking on the role of documenting moments often missed as we hurry through our daily existence.These are the fleeting moments that usually go by unseen.

OnLooker, in particular, reveals the average life and common threads that bind us with black & white street portraits that encapsulate backstories of emotion or attitude and possibly memories from loners, dreamers, thinkers, listeners, observers or those rushed passersby. This work from hours of wandering through different places came from the question posed by Leonard Cohen in his poem, I Wonder How Many People In This City from THE SPICE-BOX OF EARTH, a collection of poetry originally published in 1961:

I wonder how many people in this city

live in furnished rooms

Late at night when I look out at the buildings

I swear I see a face in every window

looking back at me,

and when I turn away

I wonder how many go back to their desks

and write this down.

Or, in this case, make images as notations.

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