On Paper

March 3 – April 2, 2022

Paper and Mixed Media Collage by Ashley Zuckerberg.

Ashley Zuckerberg has always enjoyed portraiture and has admired and even envied those who had the talent to capture someone’s likeness. Putting pen to paper, it was never something she felt she could do. But when Zuckerberg put paper to paper, a whole world of portraiture opened up to her. She could recreate moments and people from her daily life in a way she couldn’t before, and in a way nobody else had seen them before.

The process of actually making a piece has always been the most important and enjoyable part of creating new work for artist Ashley Zuckerberg. She enjoys making something bold, vibrant, and simply happy. In a world where whimsy seems to be increasingly hard to come by, this collection of paper and mixed media collage takes scenes and portraits from (and inspired by) daily life and transforms them into something more fantastical. The bold colors and almost excessive details provide a sense of whimsy to everyday moments. These works aren’t meant to convey some deep underlying meaning. They are simply meant to be enjoyed at face value for their bold, vibrant, happiness.

On Paper” will be on display at Gallery 110 from March 3 – April 2. The gallery is open to the public from 12PM to 5PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and by appointment (director@gallery110.com). Or stop by during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk on March 3 from 4-8PM.


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