October 2012

October  4 – 27

First Thursday Artwalk Opening: October  4th, 6-8 p.m.
              Arts Crush event:  Floating Mountain Poets on Kimura beginning @ 6pm

Artists’ Reception: Saturday, October 6, 5-8 p.m.
             Arts Crush event:  Floating Mountain Poets on Kimura beginning @ 6pm

Main Gallery:

Urban Martyrs: Jasmine Iona Brown

This solo exhibit by Jasmine Iona Brown features a series of egg tempera portraits of murdered children of color painted in the Byzantine icon style. The artist paints icons in a painstaking technique practiced by the Orthodox Church to create timeless and spiritual images that invite contemplation. Portrait subjects range from 14 year old Emmett Till, lynched in 1955, to 8 year old Tanaja Stokes, who was gunned down by another youth while jumping rope in front of her Chicago home in August 2010. Each of these unfinished lives is a significant symbol of the continued marginalization of the underclass. Jasmine Iona Brown’s icons memorialize every subject with a dignity that is traditionally reserved for angels, saints, prophets and holy martyrs, while encouraging viewers to grieve and find solutions to urban violence.

Arts Crush Featured Event @ Gallery 110
Urban Martyrs: Victims & Offenders Sound-Off
October 20th, 2 to 4 pm

Gallery 110 is hosting a restorative justice Victim-Offender dialogue event during the “Urban Martyrs” solo show by Jasmine Iona Brown. There will be an open mic format that encourages all those affected by urban violence to share their stories, poems, songs & opinions. This event is based on restorative justice approaches that seek a balanced approach to the needs of the victim, wrongdoer and community through processes that preserve the safety and dignity of all. Restorative responses to crime re-invest citizens with the power to contribute meaningfully to the resolution of community problems; allows citizens to articulate and affirm the moral standards of the community; provides a forum for addressing the underlying conditions which generate harm; and contributes towards the building of safe, thriving and peaceful communities.

Small Gallery:

Drawings 2011-2012: Joan Kimura

For the last half century Joan Kimura’s drawings have changed with her consciousness.  Joan’s visual expressions are made as journal entries, reflections upon the artist’s experiences and emotions.  With her career beginning in 1955, Joan has devoted much of her life to the arts.  Drawings 2011-2012 constructed from her growth of ideas and techniques, displays Joan’s skills in works on paper and canvas.