Mimi Cernyar-Fox

Artist Statement: Water, Water Everywhere

Sometimes the sea is a blue desert. That is what those who toil at sea often call it.

On a good day it is hard and mundane work; on a stormy day it is monotonous and there is the waiting, vast space and dipping horizons from sun up to sun down.

The experience enriched my life. It takes bravery and patience to set out to sea in little wooden boats (fishing vessels 85′ long and smaller) to harvest the bounty of the sea and feed the people.

At sea, space is infinite, and it’s an irritation for a novice like myself to fathom the whole depths of my thoughts and feeling concerning my place in life. It is clear, un- cluttered space and I found it perfect to search out deeper, more profound levels of my mind and spirit. 

Life at sea is not concerned at all with what is happening on land. 

In this untamed domain I found a new vision and visual vocabulary. It seemed I could hear my internal dialogue much louder as the boat moved through the deep.

Within the small confines of the boat, the boundless sea was even more humbling. I was directly impacted by my own orientation as an artist.

As the galley cook and often portrait artist, I grew to appreciate and respect these men and women who make a living at sea.

Through these paintings I hope to engage the viewer in an expressive, unflinching manner that portrays a world which is seldom given much thought. The paintings express movement and mystery, as I unfold this watery journey in a permanent and personal way on canvas.

In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (see screen), the Mariner wanders and is completely and uncontrollably compelled to tell his story, the story of the his journey, and the fate of the crew to a “certain face” he sees on the road.

“There was a ship,” said he

Mimi Cernyar Fox

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