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G110 Artist’s Handbook


Please email comments, suggestions, and corrections to




Phone: 206-624-9336

Address: 110 3rd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104

Director: KevinMarshall —

Board of Directors —

ROSTER: Member and Affiliate Artist Contact List

Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and website URLs for Gallery 110 artists.

MAP: Member and Affiliate Artist Map

Google map showing where each of our Gallery 110 artists lives or has a studio.




Getting Started:


Members may have 1 solo show in the West gallery per contract term. Members and Affiliates may show in the West or North Galleries for a fee.

    • Scheduling an Exhibition: The gallery exhibition schedule is updated 3 times a year. Proposals for exhibitions are due on the 1st of February, June, and October. This document explains how to submit an exhibition proposal.

    • Promotions Checklist: Things you need to do to prepare for your exhibition and what you can expect the gallery to do. The focus of this list is on promoting your show.

    • Exhibition Events: Information on receptions and artist talks. [COVID-19 restrictions may impact event planning]

    • Installation Guide: Instructions for preparing and delivering artwork for an exhibition.

    • Gallery Floor Plan: A measured drawing of the Gallery 110 floor plan.

    • 2021 Exhibition Schedule

Consignment & Inventory:

All artwork in the gallery or offered for sale by the gallery must be consigned for sale via the cloud-based inventory system from

    • Image Upload Instructions: Instructions and requirements for consigning artwork to the Gallery 110 inventory via

Semi-permanent inventory is artwork that resides in the gallery and available to show to clients but is not displayed in a scheduled exhibition. It is kept in a storage area in the office or in flat files.

Volunteer tasks

Member artists are expected to participate in running the gallery via volunteer task work. Affiliates may volunteer if they wish.




Did you know you can pay for dues and fees via PayPal? Log into PayPal and email your payment to Be sure to include a note explaining what your payment is for. The director will get a notification when funds are received and can transfer them to our bank account and notify the bookkeeper.

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