Matthew Harkleroad

Artist Statement

The conversations that develop between me and my artworks are most exciting when I have no idea what is coming next. I respond with what I feel is needed in the moment. Then I listen for a reply. This is when I feel joy and gratitude for this practice most strongly.

I love making marks with a wide range of materials, but I am partial to those that are hard to predict and control. They compel me to respond honestly. I also appreciate materials that don’t try to be anonymous. Tape, ball-point pen, spray paint and coffee, for example, all lend their distinct characters to my artwork. Marks that are loose and spontaneous are also preferred because of their ability to convey a moment. This could be in a brush stroke or the cut of a stencil. Varying layers of built up materials or even grubbiness are welcome, as these are indications to me that a work is acquiring some of its own vitality.

The artworks that result are artifacts left from this personal interaction between me and my art process. As an artist, it is my sincere wish to share this.

In my current body of work, I have been using a recurring shape that insinuates a figure in a pared down, abstract way. I am intrigued by this intuitively created shape because it allows me to simultaneously have a somewhat familiar structure to attach meaning to, and yet still feel conceptually unencumbered and able to make intuitive artistic decisions.

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