Leonardo Lanzolla

Leonardo Lanzolla’s art is always intended as a poetical ephemeral visionary navigation of the senses, using color to express the conducive energy of the characters of his visual experiences. Leonardo enjoys to deconstruct the esthetic form.  The fluid properties of the paint reveals a glimpse of a shape, a form that can capture and let arise his creative unintentional painterly/carving compositions.

Leonardo explores the life and influences of characters, and their dialogues in an almost not gravitational environment, bringing forward an eclectic perception as inner medium.

The Process: The technique used in the process is called sgraffito ( to paint, scratch or  carve on plaster or clay). He paints and carves on clayboard, wood panel. The art work he paints (fluid acrylics and or oil bars) on pressed caoline clay boards (smooth or textured), white or black and wood panels. He then carves away color and sometimes add even more where carved.

Being flexible and original becomes a vehicle in the process that gives Leonardo freedom to approach the art work from different creative angles. He utilizes tools, painter knives pottery, asian and regular brushes.

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