Kevin Marshall

My Beginning
Kevin has been making art of one kind or another since 1975. Pottery is a form he embraced in 2016.

My Outlook
We are here for so short a time. The clay becomes rock. Rock lasts as close to forever as anything humans have made.
The work is a reminder of our brief existences. Each piece has a blessing written on it to be used for this fleeting time.

My Team
Kevin gratefully acknowledges the support of South Seattle College. The mudroom.

My products
The pottery for sale is glazed stoneware. This is the hardest and most durable form of pottery. Some of the offerings have parts that are not stoneware. Some parts are made of polymer clay, some glass, some wood.

This clay, this stone will one day be in shards. You can steward it for a time.

Each piece has a blessing written on it. The blessings are written twice. Once in an alphabet called Phagspa


and once in abbreviated Latin script. In both cases the words are in English or English transliterate.