Katherine Loveland

Katherine Loveland is fascinated by the abstract in nature, and occasionally, in inorganic objects. When released from the distracting familiar, her awareness is free to respond at a deeper emotional and philosophic level. She can be a child experiencing the image with wonder. Loveland uses repetitions and variations of patterns, shapes, textures and colors to produce tactile sculptural images.

During her thirty years as a clinical psychologist, she frequently used the power of the image to enable patients to access deeper self awareness. It is her hope that her images evoke similar responses in the viewer. The repetitions and reversals of an image of nature are like the self’s unfolding journey of one’s spirit. As life’s terrain changes, the course of its flow may also change.

“I would like to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”
– John O’Donohue


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