Gallery 110 is an artist run, non-profit gallery which represents both emerging and established artists. The gallery is dedicated to the presentation of high quality and challenging visual art and to the development and promotion of artists’ careers. Collectively, members share the cost of renting the gallery space and the work of running the gallery. As a member you will have the opportunity to participate in marketing, promotion, arts event coordination, fundraising, grant application, exhibition development, management, and/or installation. Artists not local to the Seattle area are welcome.

We are currently accepting applications to join Gallery 110 as either an Affiliate or Core Member. For artists who find our gallery dues a barrier, we have an Emerging Artist Program with financial support.

Benefits for all gallery member artists include:

  • Opportunity to work with an experienced gallery director.
  • Opportunity to exhibit and sell your work.
  • Sales commission of 70% to artist.
  • The display of your work on our website.
  • Examples of your consigned artwork in the gallery throughout your membership.
  • Networking opportunities for developing relationships with other emerging and professional artists, including informal monthly critique sessions.
  • Opportunities to exhibit work in group and solo shows in the gallery, to propose and curate gallery exhibitions, and to develop exhibitions for venues outside the gallery.
  • Opportunities to participate in public programming, artist talks, and public events.

Our members work as a team promoting each other’s work and cultivating opportunities as well as strengthening the gallery’s reputation in the Seattle art world. Members’ participation running the gallery via committee and task assignments plays a critical role in keeping our monthly costs down so that our dues, fees, and fundraising efforts can reliably cover operating expenses and allow the gallery to pass a large portion of sales income back to the artist.

Exhibition opportunities:

All members may have unframed flat artwork available for sale in the gallery via our flat files. In addition, Core members may have bulkier consigned works in the office storage racks available to show clients.

Extra opportunities to show include an annual all-members group show (in addition to member’s one show per contract term). Individual walls in East Gallery may be used by Affiliates to showcase their work or for small group shows. When these galleries are not scheduled for exhibitions, we display from work in the flat files and storage. The exhibition schedule evolves from members’ readiness to show rather than a fixed formula allocating time to each member.

Membership Requirements and More Information

Members are expected to propose and develop one gallery exhibition during their 18-month contract, either as a solo exhibition or a group exhibition, which may include invited non-member artists. Members must participate in the work of running the gallery through committee and task assignments, though members may opt out of the volunteer requirement for a fee. Artists who opt-out of participation in gallery tasks or projects owe a total of $175/month (Core) or $85/month (Affiliate). Required volunteer hours vary and some committee/task work may be done from home.

Start-up costs: Administrative Fee and Member Buy-In Charge. New members are asked to pay a $45 nonrefundable administrative fee to help cover set up costs, and a refundable one-time buy-in fee of $100. The $100 buy-in fee is returned when the member leaves the gallery, provided no dues or other charges are owing.

Core Member:

  • 18-month commitment.
  • Monthly dues of $140 for Core members.
  • Core artists can expect to have a solo exhibition in the entire West Gallery once per 18-month contract period.
  • Core artists can have up to 3 physical works in the gallery storage area at all times throughout their membership should guests inquire about their work. Core artists may also have one physical piece on display in our back room throughout their membership and a flat file drawer.
  • Participation in the work of running the gallery via committee or task assignments and attendance at gallery events and meetings.

Affiliate Member:

  • 18-month commitment.
  • Monthly dues of $70 for Affiliate members.
  • Affiliate artists can expect to have a solo exhibition in half of the East gallery once per 18-month contract term.
  • Affiliate artists cannot keep physical work in the gallery aside from our flat files drawers. Each month we have a rotating shelf displaying affiliate flat file work.
  • Participation in the work of running the gallery via committee or task assignments and attendance at gallery events and meetings.

Application Procedure for Core and Affiliate Membership

To apply send an email to with “Core Membership Application” or “Affiliate Membership Application” and your last name in the subject line. Include the information below as PDF attachments. If you’d like further guidance on creating a professional artist resume, artist’s statement and/or artist bio, we highly recommend this resource and this resource.

  • Artist resume
  • Artist’s statement (200 – 500 words)
  • Artist bio (200 – 500 words)
  • 8-16 images of your work and information (materials/size/year/price) about each piece
    • We are looking for a professional, fully representative and cohesive body of work. Pieces must be currently available (not sold).
    • Please include piece information (materials/size/year/price) next to or on the same page as each image of work. 
  • Statement about why you would like to be a member
  • Statement about your skills and how you could contribute to the operation of the gallery

Please send the resume, statements, bio and image list as PDFs. If your images do not fit into a single email message use a cloud file sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or equivalent.

For any questions regarding membership, please contact:
Jessica Russo
Phone: 206-624-9336
Gallery Hours: 12 -5pm, Thursday through Saturday