JoEllen Wang

JoEllen was born in 1982 to a family with a serious case of wanderlust. She lived in eight different homes and attended eight different schools by the time she started middle school. Experiencing rapid changes in culture, customs, and value systems contributed early to a tendency to be contrary, and her family’s ascetic lifestyle nurtured an innate desire to create things for herself. As a self-taught artist, the concept of home has become a main focus, especially in the context of transient populations. Though JoEllen found permanence in Seattle in 2007, got married, and became a parent to two boys, more than ever she is self-critical of value judgments she make. When she thinks about expressions of domesticity, shelter, safety, gender, parenting, or consumerism, is she adopting passing cultural interpretations as truth? It’s this impulse to check herself that motivates her.

Artist’s Statement


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