Seeking Full-Time Gallery Director


Gallery 110 in Seattle, WA is seeking a full-time paid Director position (15 hrs/week). They will be the public and press contact for the gallery and are charged with general oversight of nearly all aspects of running the gallery.  They will be the general manager for the facilities and for membership coordination and communication. They will maintain the professionalism of the gallery by overseeing all press relations, contracts and archival records of the gallery, while also serving as an advisor to the board.

Desired qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in art, art history, or similar background/experience.
  • Must be detail-oriented, highly organized and comfortable managing volunteers.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Computer skills, including use of Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop; WordPress experience is essemtial.
  • Bookkeeping experience, or a willingness to learn.

Job Responsibilities:

Must be present at the gallery during operating business hours (Thursday – Saturday, 12am-5pm)

  • Ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the gallery, answering phone calls, greeting guests, etc.


  • The Director is responsible for all aspects of the Gallery’s PR and show promotions.
  • Sending out mass email ‘blasts’ and invitations for exhibitions and event
  • Developing and executing promotional timetable for exhibitions.
  • Developing and distributing press releases, postcards, invitations and announcements.
  • Maintenance of gallery website.
  • Managing and growing Gallery 110’s social media presence. The gallery is actively posting videos to Instagram.

General Administration

  • Maintain and execute office processes, including online archiving and organization of documents and contracts.
  • Develop, document and implement operating policies and procedures.
  • Attend board meetings and advise the board on issues relating to operations and membership concerns.
  • Ensuring all business licensure and documentation is kept up-to-date, including business licensing, insurance policy coverage, renewal of state charity status, etc., as well as compliance with all state and county regulations for businesses.


  • Promoting sales of artist work and handling all transactions, following up with purchasers of works as needed.
  • Maintaining/growing artist-specific client lists.
  • Ongoing maintenance of Gallery 110’s online inventory and client database, tracking onsite vs. offsite vs sold inventory.
  • Growing relationships with existing and new clientele.
  • Safely and economically packaging and shipping of artwork to clients.
  • Occasional photography and color correction of artwork.


  • Filing annual and quarterly taxes with the city, state and federal governments.
  • Day-to-day record keeping of income and expenses.
  • Monthly reconciliation of Gallery 110’s accounts.
  • Invoicing and paying bills/commissions.
  • Providing insights to the board on ways to increase efficiency and re-allocate or cut costs on unnecessary expenditures when necessary.
  • Search for new revenue streams to supplement the gallery budget, such as grants, fundraising or soliciting donations.


  • Tracking membership contracts and payment schedules.
  • Recruitment and onboarding of new members.
  • Ongoing communications with gallery members to include answering administrative questions, aiding in understanding of the gallery’s operation or providing general updates when needed.

Annual Juried Exhibition

  • Setup and management of Gallery 110’s Annual Juried Exhibition call through
  • Coordinating with applicants/invited artists to answer questions and coordinate shipping and receipt of artwork for our Annual Juried Exhibition.
  • Facilitating deadlines and providing assistance to Juror as needed.

We are seeking highly motivated, entrepreneurial candidates that are willing to take chances, work flexibly with the gallery’s 20+ artists and continuously search for creative ways to expand Gallery 110’s presence in the Seattle arts community and beyond.

Please submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to