Jeremiah Birnbaum

Jeremiah Birnbaum is a practicing artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. Birnbaum studied at the Victoria College of Art (2001-2003) before earning a Bachelor
of Arts degree in Visual Art from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006. Since
graduating, Birnbaum has exhibited extensively in both public and private galleries in
Vancouver, British Columbia as well as across Canada, most notably exhibiting at the Royal
Ontario Museum with the Kingston Prize in 2011. In addition to his solo practice, Birnbaum is
also a founding and active member of the Vancouver figurative collective, Phantoms in the Front Yard.

Birnbaum’s practice is a drawing based and almost exclusively limited to a black and white
pallet created through a variety of drawing mediums. While his early work explored the social
construction of masculinity through studies of male bodies in uniform (from police to sports
celebrities to tattoos), Birnbaum’s more recent work explores a narrative format within specific
regional, historical, and environmental contexts underlined by themes of legacy as well as
environmental and social concerns. Birnbaum’s imagery strives to balance realism and
technical execution within a larger conceptual constructs.

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