January 2 – 25, 2014

Front Gallery:

My Favorite Things; Then & Now

What has that significant power to inspire the creative process? What are the favored undisclosed  objects in artists’ studios that have special meaning and exerting influence?  What from the past is the intimate companion of the present?

For the month of January, Gallery 110 artists will bring a slice of their studio into the gallery. My Favorite Things, Then and Now is an exhibition juxtaposing artists’ selections from their current work with some of their favorite sources of inspiration.

These may include their own art work from the past, a post card, a quote, music, works of other artists, or objects from the walls of their studios that serve as cherished companions, powering their current work, and providing viewers with added insight into the process of each artist.

Back Gallery:

Kevin Marshall


Mr Marshall’s view of time and its illusion are reflected in his current work depicting space, surface and light  as objects of consciousness.   Gathered images are processed digitally, rearranged sequentially by digital processes creating an illusion about time.