H.R. Emi

Emi Ramirez is a visual artist who goes by the alias H.R. Emi. Specializing in painting and drawing, she creates art with the intention of capturing a disruption of emotion through everyday moments. H.R. Emi’s work blends realism, iconography, and language to create her artistic vision, often representing snapshots of familiar liminal spaces that tell a portion of an interactive narrative; this artistic narrative is also influenced by the duality of her Mexican and American background. Through art, Emi has learned how to visualize the way she navigates the world, how she records her time here, and how she reflects on her own particular lens of life.

Emi (b. 2000) is based in Yakima Valley and is a First-Generation Mexican-American with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Central Washington University. Currently, Emi has been interested in how her work reflects her personal intergenerational trauma due to the legacies of colonialism, systematic racism, and immigrant-related stressors. As the firstborn child of Mexican immigrants, Emi was the first to navigate many aspects of American society – creating experiences that were unexplainable to her due to lack of discussion and representation. Identifying and understanding these cycles has been Emi’s current objective with her body of work. She embraces how there is beauty within pain and expresses the way she experiences life through her artistic practice.


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