Gallery Inventory

The Gallery Inventory includes at least three works by each gallery artist available to purchase online or in person. Our inventory includes both unframed works in our flat files, and framed paintings and sculptures on storage shelves. Visiting the gallery? Ask for a “white glove tour” of our archived artwork.

Image Artist Size (HxWxD) in inches Title Price Category
Timid Girl Saundra Fleming 14x12 Timid Girl $75.00 Painting
Cherry Mitten Saundra Fleming 14x12 Cherry Mitten $75.00 Painting
Hey Saundra Fleming 14x12 Hey $75.00 Painting
Blessed Saundra Fleming 14x12 Blessed $100.00 Painting
Neko Saundra Fleming 14x12 Neko $100.00 Painting
Bubble Gum Saundra Fleming 14x12 Bubble Gum $100.00 Painting
In Blue Saundra Fleming 14x12 In Blue $100.00 Painting
Cinnamon Toast Woman Saundra Fleming 14x12 Cinnamon Toast Woman $100.00 Painting
Kinda! Saundra Fleming 14x12 Kinda! $100.00 Painting
Sonrisa Linda Nancy Coleman 10x15 Sonrisa Linda $95.00 Print
Nancy Coleman 10x13 Love Notes $95.00 Print
Hostabalone Nancy Coleman 15x10 Hostabalone $95.00 Print
Call of the Wild Nancy Coleman 15x10 Call of the Wild $95.00 Print
Faces of Eve Nancy Coleman 15x10 Faces of Eve $95.00 Print
Old Birds Nancy Coleman 15x10 Old Birds $95.00 Print
Three Lips Nancy Coleman 15x10 Three Lips $95.00 Print
Sonrisa Linda Nancy Coleman 17x22 Sonrisa Linda $125.00 Print
Beech Leaf Skelly Pink Spot Nancy Coleman 17x22 Beech Leaf Skelly Pink Spot $125.00 Print
International Districts Seattle/NYC (duo) Susan Gans 22x17 International Districts Seattle/NYC (duo) $250.00 Print
Opera Alley Tacoma (duo) Susan Gans 22x17 Opera Alley Tacoma (duo) $250.00 Print
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