Field of Play

Gallery 110 is pleased to present Field of Play, an exhibition of new photographs by Stephan Jahanshahi.  In his first solo exhibition in Seattle, the artist has chosen to focus on the amateur rugby community; showcasing portraits of the athletes who devote themselves to rugby for love of the game and the community it fosters. 


An avid player since the age of 13, Stephan writes “Rugby by design is a sport that emphasises communication and teamwork for success over individual brilliance.  It is structurally democratic relying as much on cooperation, even between opponents, as it does on aggression.  What I wish to celebrate in this show is the diversity of people who contribute to this culture.  Women, men, LGBTQ+ athletes, players from all over the world from Fiji to Scotland all share a common bond through sport.” 

In addition to portraits highlighting the faces of rugby in the Pacific Northwest, Jahanshahi is also showing black and white images taken during amateur competition across the United States.  These stark images emphasise the bodily experience of the athletes as they bind, contort, and explode across the frame.   Field of Play will be on view at Gallery 110 for the month of September, with an opening preview Wednesday September 1st from 6-9 pm as well as Pioneer Square Art Walk Opening September 2nd. 


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