Embracing Black and White… And The Infinite Shades In Between

March 3 – April 2, 2022

Gallery 110 will be presenting paintings by Tacoma artist and social scientist JW Harrington. Titled “Embracing Black and White… And The Infinite Shades In Between” the show features three-foot-square paintings that use only two pigments: black and white. Harrington painted the works to be completely abstract, yet they can bring the viewer to appreciate that a black/white polarity can be enriched by the many shades in between.

Harrington is an emerging artist, painting full-time since his retirement from the University of Washington. Asked “Why paint in monochrome?” Harrington responded: “In my years of painting, I’ve enjoyed using color for its emotional and visual impact, and in representational painting, its ability to render recognizable objects and scenes. I’ve even painted a 30-painting Color Abstraction series, emphasizing the visual dynamic of solid blocks of complementary colors. However, since late 2020 I’ve wanted to remove the symbolic and emotional connotations of color from a series of abstract paintings – so that the viewer has even more freedom to interpret each composition. Perhaps you see it as some particular object(s); perhaps you imagine a set of forces; perhaps you revel in the symbolism you attribute to the arrangement of shapes; perhaps you perceive shapes that aren’t even there!”

Each painting has the title MBTW and a number, named for the only two pigments used in these paintings: Mars Black and Titanium White. These minimally descriptive titles allow viewers to develop their own interpretations and informal titles. Harrington noted, “I’ve given each painting at least one informal, interpretive title, and I’d like each viewer to do the same.”

Embracing Black and White… And The Infinite Shades In Between” will be on display at Gallery 110 from March 3 – April 2. The gallery is open to the public from 12PM to 5PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and by appointment (director@gallery110.com). Or stop by during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk on March 3 from 4-8PM.


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