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Upcoming Exhibitions

Line of Inquiry: Volumes

Anna Jannack

September 5 – 28, 2019

First Thursday: September 5, 5 – 8pm

From the artist:

This word has several meanings. It can be used to refer to a book, to identify a particular book in a collection, to talk about the amount of space an object occupies, to describe a container in terms of its capacity, a quantity or amount, and even to describe the quantity of sound. This line of inquiry explores volumes referring to books, volumes referring to the amount of psychic pain and or periods of turmoil stored in our human mind. These paintings talk about our ability to store and catalogue what has happened to us, our ability to both retrieve and forget.

Sometimes volumes of anguish exceed our capacity to process our own experiences, and we then become readily available to feel the intensity of any injury, no matter how small the provocation. Other times we can thrive and integrate even the most horrid moments of our lives and the most unbearable pain. Sometimes the library of our minds seems complex beyond comprehension and other times it seems simple and poetic.


Susan Christensen

September 5 – 28, 2019

First Thursday: September 5, 5 – 8pm
Artist’s Reception: September 14, 2 – 4pm

From the artist:

Over the months spent creating the drawings and paintings for this exhibit, I’ve been surprised
again and again by how deeply my Mother’s consistent cultivation of her child’s imagination
still influences me. Her encouragement and, at times, goading have certainly shaped the image
maker I am today.

This body of work developed basically split into two ‘camps’. Mother’s story, my appreciation
of who she was as her younger self and recollections of our shared story are generally
rendered in softer colors with sparer details. Alongside these works of memory I give tribute to
Mother’s indelible mark on my congenitally vivid imagination. These homages are highly
detailed images in stronger colors with stranger themes: fantastic creatures, spirit and animal
companions, figures with multiple faces, mask wearers, shamans. They do not ‘reproduce the
visible’ rather they ‘make visible’ the realms of my imagination, to borrow from Paul Klee’s
thought about Art and its purpose.

Mother – who is an artist herself but modestly never claims to be more than a crafter – named
me Artist even before I became aware of that calling in myself. What a lifelong gift, this
recognition. I hope these visual tales of mine provide a conduit worthy of transmitting her
beneficence to all who engage with them.

-Susan J. Christensen
August, 2019