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“The Inner Child” by Nahom Ghirmay

May 2 – June 1, 2024

This exhibition is an exploration centered around the notion of inner child, releasing the serene, unburdened core that resides within us. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to spotlight the profound connection that exists between our inner selves and nature.

“During dark times imagining peaceful scenes brings me a sense of hope and comfort. Through this series, my aim was to capture and recreate these serene scenes,” says Ghirmay.

In today’s fast-paced and often demanding world, reconnecting with our inner child becomes a source of solace and inspiration.

A visual artist based in Seattle, Ghirmay found his way there in 2010 after an extensive immigration journey from Eritrea through Sudan and South America. These diverse experiences have deeply influenced his artistic perspective, reshaping his concept of ‘home’.

His work explores the complexities of identity and emotional experiences through a range of mediums. Central to his artistic vision is a desire to capture our shared humanity, inspired by the stories and sentiments of those around him. “Through my work, I hope to evoke emotions and experiences that resonate with people from all walks of life.”

By sharing his art, Ghirmay hopes to cultivate empathy, understanding, and to create a space for meaningful dialogue.

Join us for the unveiling of this exhibition during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk on May 2nd, 2024, from 12pm to 8pm. The exhibition will continue during gallery hours, Thursday through Saturday, from 12pm to 5pm, and by appointment.

“Elegy for a White, Black, and Red Butterfly” by Julian Peña

May 2 – June 1, 2024

Through Julian Peña’s vibrant, immersive visual narratives, viewers are invited to question reality, consciousness, and our role in the universe. These hallucinogenic adventures unfold across fantastical realms populated by eccentric, grotesque, obnoxiously kawaii characters blurring digital and hand-drawn lines.

Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment. Please join us for the First Thursday Art Walk on May 2nd, 2024 from 12-8pm.


Life’s a Chessboard

April 4 – 27, 2024

Artist Paige Anderson presents a collection of oil paintings as her first solo exhibition at Gallery 110 titled Life’s a Chessboard, inviting witnesses to embark on a journey through the intricate landscape of human experience, where the game of life unfolds amidst tribulations, valleys, and mountains.

Life, much like a chessboard, presents us with challenges beyond our control, where every move we make shapes the narrative of our existence. Through the strokes of paint on canvas, Anderson invites guests to dive into the complexities of a metaphorical chess game, where each piece symbolizes a moment, a decision, or a circumstance that influences our path.

Amidst the uncertainties and trials, there exists a profound truth: it is in life’s little moments of joy, the fleeting instances of happiness, that we find solace and resilience. Anderson encourages the discovery of beauty in the mundane and the significance in the seemingly insignificant, for it is these moments that illuminate the journey and lend meaning to our existence.

Each piece in Life’s a Chessboard is a reflection of Anderson’s own experiences, emotions, and contemplations. However, she invites exploration through our own lens, to find resonance and interpretation that speaks to everyone’s unique narrative. Art, after all, is a mirror through which we glimpse our innermost thoughts and feelings, a catalyst for introspection and connection.

To those who grace these walls with their presence, Anderson extends her gratitude. “May Life’s a Chessboard serve as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a celebration of life’s intricate tapestry, and a reminder to cherish the little moments that imbue our journey with meaning.”

Life’s a Chessboard will be on display at Gallery 110 from April 4 – 27, 2024. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment. Please join us for the First Thursday Art Walk on April 4, 2024 from 12-8pm.

New Members Show

April 4 – 27, 2024

Gallery 110 presents a New Members Show featuring artists Carol Adelman, Sarah Barnett, H.R. Emi and Nena Howell. All four oil painters have joined Gallery 110 within the last eight months and have continued to refine their craft, exploring themes from the human body and mortality to artworks that represent deep respect for cultural roots and liminal every day moments. Each artist presents up to three pieces for the first time as members of Gallery 110 this April.

Carol Adelman is a painter who uses a sensual, aggressive approach to materials that borders on abstraction. Through her vigorous approach, she arrives at a surface that is both image and sculptural relief. Her work pushes traditional forms to embody contemporary ideas of constructed identity and a fragmented self. The lifelong bedrock of her studio practice is the live study of the human form.

Sarah Barnett is a painter from North Texas, presently residing in Washington State. A devoted oil painter with a background in figure drawing, Sarah’s paintings are highly representational and heavily distorted, with themes revolving around mortality, self-preservation, the human body, and technology. Recently, she has contributed to several mural projects in her community and hopes to help make the arts more publicly accessible.

H.R. Emi specializes in painting and drawing and creates art with the intention of capturing a disruption of emotion through everyday moments. Her work blends realism, iconography, and language to create her artistic vision, often representing snapshots of familiar liminal spaces that tell a portion of an interactive narrative; this artistic narrative is also influenced by the duality of her Mexican and American background. Through art, Emi has learned how to visualize the way she navigates the world, how she records her time here, and how she reflects on her own particular lens of life.

Nena Howell, an emerging artist working in Eastern Washington, creates contemporary figurative oil paintings that combine her Tlingit Indian and Ukrainian roots. She brings movement to every canvas and is guided by a reverence for her Tlingit formline and ancestral rhythms that enliven her brushes and oils with a sense of abundance, wellness and stewardship.

The New Members Show will be on display at Gallery 110 from April 4 – 27, 2024. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment. Please join us for the First Thursday Art Walk on April 4, 2024 from 12-8pm.

Love Notes

April 04, 2024 – April 27, 2024


Snapshots of the Mind

March 7 – 30, 2024

Artist Michael Abraham‘s oil painting and sculpture exhibition, Snapshots of the Mind, features newer artworks and some distinctive Abraham classics, showcasing a consciousness of human nature, the richness of life and the passage of time.

Since 1992, Abraham’s oil paintings have garnered him a dedicated following. His unique perspective and ability to evoke emotion through his work have been recognized by critics and collectors alike. Abraham’s imagery spans the gamut between profound social commentary to the appreciation of what is most beautiful and meaningful. In Snapshots of the Mind, the open-hearted descriptions that accompany each work welcome guests into Abraham’s reflective journey, such as his piece, Waterworks / Something Else Shines Through (With Lame Duck), a liquidy ‘Kabuki-meets-cartoon’ style of painting from 2008 featuring characters standing in a pool of tears. Additionally, Abraham’s 2023 post-Schrekian piece titled Leap of Faith was initially inspired by the idea of people turning to bucket lists as a way of coming to terms with their mortality, depicting an enthusiastic squirrel-suited jumper about to embark on a flight high above a most finely detailed vista.

Abraham’s bronze sculpture titled Cluster Ball began taking shape just as the Covid pandemic took hold. It appears from afar as an indistinct asteroid like metallic rock, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be a finely detailed interlinking of expressive figures looking out into space. For the painting titled Thumbing, Abraham writes: “In a deviation to an illustrative ‘Three Little Pigs meets Picasso’ style of painting, I caricature the true nature of divisiveness that eventually pulls a variety of nose-thumbing eggheads into a black hole”.

“I’ve heard that the meaning of life is to find meaning in life,” says Abraham. “And I like art that encourages reflection… Art reflects life: serious, funny, absurd, joyous, paradoxical, sensuous, communal, divisive… all things at once, these are snapshots of the mind in time.”

Additional writing that accompanies each piece in Snapshots of the Mind can be seen by clicking on the images below. Snapshots of the Mind will be on display at Gallery 110 from March 7 – 30, 2024. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment. Please join us for the First Thursday Art Walk on March 7, 2024 from 12-8pm.


Fragments of the Sea II

March 7 – 30, 2024

Artist David Haughton presents Fragments of the Sea II, an acrylic painting exhibition consisting of primarily new paintings of the Pacific Ocean during storm season, and as a counter punctual accent, also features much older watercolor pieces of the Greek Cycladean landscape that were exhibited in Athens in 2007 at Haughton’s first Fragments of the Sea exhibition. The work highlights views of storm-tossed waves from the beaches of Tofino and Nocturnes of ships in the Burrard Inlet, all evoking light at crepuscule or before dawn.

Fragments of the Sea comes from a line in The Monogram, Haughton’s favorite poem by Odysseus Elitis, one of the three great modern Greek poets. Haughton’s first truly original artwork was a pen & ink drawing of houses by the Aegean Sea in 1975. Near 50 years later, he responds just as avidly to the juxtaposition of ephemeral edifices, land and the sea.

Fragments of the Sea II will be on display at Gallery 110 from March 7 – 30, 2024. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment. Please join us for the First Thursday Art Walk on March 7, 2024 from 12-8pm.


14th Annual International Juried Exhibition

February 1 – March 2, 2024
Juror: Greg Robinson

Gallery 110’s annual juried exhibition showcases work by emerging and established artists, chosen from over 1100 applications by this year’s juror, Greg Robinson, Cynthia Sears Endowed Chief Curator, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA).

Greg Robinson is a Seattle native, and holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University. While working for Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City in the 1980s, he curated the expanded hospital art collection. Robinson has worked in Washington state arts organizations since 1995. Previously, he was executive director of Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, director of William Traver Gallery in Tacoma, and executive director of Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner. In 2010, he became founding executive director and curator of Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA), and since 2016 has served as Chief Curator.

The 14th Annual International Juried Exhibition will be on display at Gallery 110 from February 1 – March 2, 2024. The juror will award first, second and third place prizes of $1000, $500 and $300. There will also be a People’s Choice Award of $200, voted on by visitors to the gallery’s First Thursday opening (2/1/24). The gallery is open to the public from 12PM to 5PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and by appointment. Visit us during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk on February 1st from 12-8PM.

The 14th Annual International Juried Exhibition‘s reception and juror’s award announcements will be February 2, 2024 from 4:00 – 5:30pm. Invitations to the reception can be requested from

Soon after the reception a link to a video of the 2024 award announcements will be posted on Gallery 110’s website as a link to Facebook and Instagram.


1st place – Eclipse by Julie Anne Mann
2nd place – Cold Comfort by Lorri Lyn Dixon
3rd place – Variations on a Theme V and The King is Dead, Long Live the King by Dorothy McGuinness
People’s Choice Award – Interwoven by Sue Bradford

Over 350 people came through the gallery on the first two days of the 14th Annual International Juried Exhibition. 347 people voted for their favorite piece. Every artist in the show received ballots from the public for the People’s Choice Award. At the reception on Friday February 2, our Juror, Greg Robinson spoke thoughtfully about his process and commended all the artists in the exhibition. The party was well attended with eighteen of the exhibiting artists available to give a brief personal introduction to their work. Thank you to everyone who stopped by Gallery 110 and supported the juried exhibition! The show will be on display until Saturday, March 2nd.


I have greatly enjoyed the jury process for this 14th Annual International Juried Exhibition at Gallery 110. The diversity and quality of artworks submitted was impressive. Through these submissions, I have become aware of many accomplished artists brand new to me. That is both humbling and exciting, and clearly reflected in the final selections. As a curator, I believe it is my professional responsibility to expand my awareness of working artists.

Online jury processes have pitfalls. However, in recent years there have been great improvements in enlarging images, and presenting artwork and artist details. Thanks to all of the artists who applied. Thanks also to those at Gallery 100 who worked on this multi-step annual exhibition. Juried exhibitions are important and complicated, and I appreciate being part of this.

Greg Robinson, Cynthia Sears Endowed Chief Curator, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art


Paul Adams Nina Alderete Dorothy Anderson Wasserman
Norman Aragones Audineh Asaf Jena Ataras
Steffani Bailey David Baird Annemarie Baldauf
Nancy Bardach Raymond Bonavida Sue Bradford
Jon Bradham Heidi Brueckner Carol Bultsma
Olena Burykina Samuel Case Renee Noelle Cheesman
Brandon Cook Sheila Coppola Jane Corich
Luis Corpus Lorri Lynn Dixon David Haughton
Steve Jensen Levant Karayalim Bella Kim
Harry Longstreet Julie Anne Mann Chas Martin
Katharine McDevitt Dorothy McGuinness David Moore
Aaron Morgan Jacqueline Moseley Alan Newberg
Gary Rubin Debra Sloan Suze Woolf


14th Annual International Juried Exhibition

Purchase the exhibition book here!

Puppet Masters: Making Fools of Us All

January 4 – 27, 2024

Content warning, please read: Gallery 110 acknowledges that this exhibition may upset the viewer and contains material that is difficult to discuss. Puppet Masters: Making Fools of Us All explores and challenges themes of cruelty, violence, racism and political unrest, which some guests may find distressing.

The work on display depicts men whose faces and/or actions reflect rage, and may include insignia, tattoos or other potentially triggering images, such as confederate flags, swastikas, and neo-fascist logos from Germany, Sweden and the USA. As a type of protest, artist David Haughton paints to reveal and denounce the actions and people involved, helping him, and viewers, find the strength and resolve to stare the bad guys down. Reflecting on what we are seeing weekly on our news programs and social media, Haughton also created this body of work to express his sadness and anger at what is happening and alerting the public to a real and present danger of descent into autocracy, fascism and civil war.

While the exhibition aims to challenge our natural urge to recoil in the face of violence, we understand if the work may prove to be upsetting to you. If you do not feel comfortable viewing, we thank you for visiting our website and invite you to return to the previous page to view our other upcoming exhibitions.

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