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Urban 2017

Susan Gans, James Arzente, M R McDonald, Janet Neuhauser, David Sokal
September 7 – 30, 2017
First Thursday: September 7, 5 – 8pm
Artist Talk: September 16, 4:30 – 6:30pm

Organized by photographer, Susan Gans, this group photography show explores the meaning of ‘urban’ through analogue black and white street photography, long exposure color nighttime digital images, portraiture in industrial settings, detailed studies of posters layered and deteriorating, and conceptual analysis of the genre of street photography itself. Continue reading

Incoming 2017

Lauren Greathouse, Leonardo Lanzolla, Karen Graber, Saundra Fleming, Mimi Cernyar-Fox
August 3 – September 1, 2017
First Thursday: August 3, 5 – 8p
Artist’s Reception: August 26, 4-6pm

Incoming will feature works by Gallery 110’s five newest artists: Lauren Greathouse, Leonardo Lanzolla, Karen Graber, Saundra Fleming and Mimi Cernyar-Fox. Continue reading

American History X

Robert Horton
June 1 – July 1, 2017
First Thursday: June 1, 5 – 8p
Artist’s Talk and Reception: June 10, 6 – 8p

Exhibition Performance (featuring the African American Writers’ Alliance): June 17, 6 – 8p
American History X will feature iconic scenes of African-American leaders, Continue reading


M R McDonald
July 6 – 29, 2017
First Thursday: July 6, 5 – 8p
Artist’s Reception: July 8, 5 – 8p

The photographs in this show are of decaying public surfaces, predominantly layered posters reflecting the complex culture of the city, subject to  Continue reading


Susan Christensen
April 6 – 29, 2017
First Thursday: April 6, 5 – 8p
Artist’s Reception: April 22, 6 – 8p

The drawings in this series were done consecutively, each one springing from the forms discovered in the previous drawing – a visual stream of consciousness. Continue reading


Aaron Brady
May 4 – 29, 2017
First Thursday: May 6, 5 – 8p
Artist’s Reception: May 13, 5 – 8p

From the artist:
In “Parrot” I use ink and graphite drawing to explore the image as an imperfect copy. Original subjects are first captured with video, Continue reading