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Nikki Briggs

The poise and beauty of a weathered wooden dock, as it effortlessly surrenders to the elements; the ease with which the cypress adapts, thriving as graciously in the water as it does on dry land; the potential of a single water droplet as it falls from the end of the paddle, and creates an endless ripple…..

Nature is my primary inspiration. It continually reintroduces me to my own self.

The interconnectedness that I experience with others, through my work, as well as the emotional and psychological benefits I derive from it, are what motivate me to create. I like to push the boundaries of what is considered art, by creating in ways that I have only imagined- and I hope to inspire others in the same pursuit.

-Nikki Briggs


Sue Wren

The power of narrative, or story telling is at the foundation of much of Sue Wren’s art. A single picture creates a complex and descriptive moment in time. She enjoy crafting and documenting new forms of a visual short story.