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Urban Portals

Dorothy Anderson Wasserman

October 1 – 31, 2020

Urban Portals draws on ideas from physics for the visual layering in these complex urban photo collages by artist Dorothy Anderson Wasserman. Time is taken out of the normal realm of experience by having images of past, present and imagined future seamlessly commingle in the same visual space.

Dorothy uses only her own photographs and assembles the work by hand. As a final step the collage is digitized and printed on rag paper using pigmented inks creating an archival print.


The End of the Beginning

George Brandt

October 1 – 31, 2020



Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

August 6 – 29, 2020

Featuring sculpture, paintings, works on paper and more, the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair at Gallery 110 features work by:

Michael Abraham Dorothy Anderson Wasserman Josiah Bell
Aaron Brady Susan Christensen Saundra Fleming
Matthew Harkleroad David Haughton Sally Ketcham
Yvonne Kunz Greg Pierce Sherry Ruden
JoEllen Wang Ashley Zuckerberg