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Stephan Jahanshahi

We Draw The Lines, But The Weather Decides

No landscape was ever made without a social or political agenda. It is irrefutable that the world is changing because of mankind, but what that change means is a much more complicated, chaotic and beautiful story than the one presented in an evening news cycle.

These images were made in Svalbard, an archipelago 1,200 miles north of Norway above the Arctic Circle, in the summer of 2016. Seeing the warmest year on record for the region, I was struck by how completely the environment would change depending on the weather. The photographs presented here are poems on the fluidity of place, celebrating the multitude of a landscape that refused to be any one thing.

The scale of images, as well as their vertical compositions expresses the weight and power the weather imposes upon the land. The title is a quote taken from the lead guide Sarah’s explanation of her decision process when planning the landings we would attempt; that we were ultimately under the jurisdiction of the elements. My goal is to broaden the dialogue surrounding climate change, showing the many ways in which a threatened environment responds to


The Dive

Sally Ketcham

Sally Ketcham is visual artist and graphic designer. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts, and has held a variety of positions in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Sally serves on the boards of Arts Corps and Gallery 110, and has volunteered with a number of arts education and social justice organizations.

Katherine Loveland

Paula Maratea

Form, color, light. Paula’s bold use of color and strong compositional elements convey a sense of space, light and design. Her paintings are interpretations of events resulting from experimentations with paint and plastic. The digital compositions are a result of her curiosity and adaptability to the digital world she grew up in.

Paula Maratea’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood.  She was born in 1957 and moved with her military family.  While living in Monterey, CA. attending first grade, she made a drawing and believed it was a work of art. Sitting at the long table with the other children she made the decision to be an Artist. Having been to an Artist’s studio, her father had commissioned, and watching him paint, she became aware of the three dimensional space that could be created on a flat surface. “It was so cool”.

Paula studied painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond Virginia.  While working as a house painter for two years, she adapted to her surroundings, and learned a new skill. Paula continued her studies and received a Baccalaureate in Information Systems, and worked as a computer programmer. After moving to Southern California she attended the University of California, Los Angeles and studied computer graphics. “My first graphics computer was an Amiga, Apple made them”.

Marraige, work transfers and children caused a shift in materials from painting to digital work and then back again, and then again.  “Learning new skills will  generally cause fundamental changes in your process.  In the end it is still all about form, color and light”.

Kevin Marshall

My Beginning

Kevin has been making art of one kind or another since 1975. Pottery is a form he embraced in 2016.

My Outlook

We are here for so short a time. The clay becomes rock. Rock lasts as close to forever as anything humans have made. The work is a reminder of our brief existences. Each piece has a blessing written on it to be used for this fleeting time.

My Team

Kevin gratefully acknowledges the support of South Seattle College. The mudroom.

My products

The pottery for sale is glazed stoneware. This is the hardest and most durable form of pottery. Some of the offerings have parts that are not stoneware. Some parts are made of polymer clay, some glass, some wood.

This clay, this stone will one day be in shards. You can steward it for a time. Each piece has a blessing written on it. The blessings are written twice. Once in an alphabet called Phagspa


and once in abbreviated Latin script. In both cases the words are in English or English transliterate.


M R McDonald

M R McDonald is a photographer, living in Central Washington, who shoots almost exclusively publicly available surfaces from downtown Seattle, Pike Place, and Capitol Hill.

His subjects are decaying areas, predominantly of posters, subject to the onslaught of weather and time, found on telephone poles, cement walls, construction sites, garbage bins, and electric boxes, etc.

He is also a painter — a radically non-representational painter: no narrative; no messages or ‘content;’ and, no expression. Just forms — line, mass, color, and their dynamic interplay.

Noah McLaurine

Welcome new member.

Maylee Noah

Maylee Noah has been pursuing her interest in photography for over 45 years and exhibiting since 1993. She received a Certificate in Fine Art Photography from the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle in 2006. Prior to that her art and photography education was scattered across classes at University of California in San Diego and University of Arizona while earning degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. Maylee’s photographs document her continuing interest in the outdoors, people, and cultures. Her recent work explores the complex nature of the artistic process via photographs of artists and their studios.

Venting Deep

Gregory Pierce

Gregory Pierce is a studio artist and Chair of the Fine Art Department at Heritage University in Toppenish, Washington. Previous to living in the Pacific Northwest, he has worked in art studios and residencies in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, and California, as well as participating in collaborative projects overseas in Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Ecuador.

Kate Sampsell

Dr. Sampsell paints in acrylics, and she makes limited-series linoprints and unique monotypes and monoprints. She paints in the styles of German Expressionism and abstract expressionism and is especially influenced by the Blau Reiter Group. She eschews representational subjects and expresses states of mind and emotional turmoil with the use of color and texture.

She completed classwork in photography at Maryland Institute, College of Art.  She showed her photography in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. area in the 1990s.

Dr. Kate Sampsell holds a Distinguished Ph.D. in American history from Georgetown University and a J.D. from the University of Baltimore.

Dr. Sampsell lives and paints on Camano Island, Washington state.