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Michael Abraham, A Fine Bouquet – Urban, Suburban, Rural, 2014, Oil on Linen, 48 x 54 inches

Michael Abraham

From London to Singapore, and Philadelphia to Amsterdam, Abraham’s paintings are featured in international, corporate, private and public collections, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Rockford Museum of Art and the Courtney Cox & David Arquette Collection.

Abraham’s distinct style blends social commentary and playful imagery, refined figurative works that navigate a full scope of content. Commissions include original paintings promoting the Vancouver Symphony and Vancouver Opera, as well as select private portraits and sculpture. An award winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art (OCADU), Abraham currently paints and sculpts, and runs the Michael Abraham Studio Gallery just south of Vancouver, B.C., and is a core member of the ‘Phantoms in the Front Yard’ figurative artists collective.

David Beckley

David Beckley is a photographer whose interest lies in portraits, nudes, collage, and documentary photos of Auschwitz. When shooting portraits and nudes, Beckley works with long exposures; 30 seconds to five minutes, using a flashlight as the sole light source in a completely darkened room. This time frame allows him to slowly build the image. The photos are underexposed to varying degrees to bring out the graininess and pixellation, increasing the texture of the image. By utilizing these long exposures, Beckley is also able to move around the frame and to become physically involved with each photograph. This way of working also increases the element of chance; thus, the outcome is always a mystery.

Jeremiah Birnbaum

Jeremiah Birnbaum is a practicing artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada. Birnbaum studied at the Victoria College of Art (2001-2003) before earning a Bachelor
of Arts degree in Visual Art from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006. Since
graduating, Birnbaum has exhibited extensively in both public and private galleries in
Vancouver, British Columbia as well as across Canada, most notably exhibiting at the Royal
Ontario Museum with the Kingston Prize in 2011. In addition to his solo practice, Birnbaum is
also a founding and active member of the Vancouver figurative collective, Phantoms in the Front Yard.

Birnbaum’s practice is a drawing based and almost exclusively limited to a black and white
pallet created through a variety of drawing mediums. While his early work explored the social
construction of masculinity through studies of male bodies in uniform (from police to sports
celebrities to tattoos), Birnbaum’s more recent work explores a narrative format within specific
regional, historical, and environmental contexts underlined by themes of legacy as well as
environmental and social concerns. Birnbaum’s imagery strives to balance realism and
technical execution within a larger conceptual constructs.

Aaron Brady

I use ink and graphite drawing to explore the depiction of objects in motion.  My subjects are first captured with video, then line and finally transformed with washes into clouds and ghosts: imperfect mutations blurring and morphing as they migrate.

George Brandt

George Brandt is both a curator and a visual artist specializing in mixed media installation. Born in Legnica, Poland, George has lived and worked in Seattle, WA for the past 31 years.

Statement: In our modern age we are deluged by a torrent of data competing for our attention. In order to see a work of art we need to slow down and experience it with care and our undivided attention. Art is a form of communication and in as much as is possible, I believe that it’s incumbent on the viewer to come to their own conclusions.

Mimi Cernyar-Fox

Link to Review of Water, Water Everywhere

Mother Skeezix

Susan Christensen


I have been drawing, painting and making things since I was a child. My earliest and happiest memories involve looking at or making art. I love being an artist, bringing order out of chaos. The studio is a sacred space where color and line flow together becoming visible pointers to something far greater than myself. The alchemy of art making is the most compelling of mysteries. I show up, pick up my tools, and let my mind wander. Time disappears; sounds diminish; one move leads to another and another –and on a good day, transformation happens: mute canvas, paint and paper are given meanings that stir conversation, argument, emotions, ultimately giving voice to ideas words cannot  express. If my work brings viewers joy and hope, I’ve achieved my goal.

Susan Christensen

Deborah Curtiss

Throughout Deborah Curtiss’ career as a painter, she has endeavored to give a visual voice to a variety of realities that are beyond the obvious and dwell in an elusive, ineffable realm:

  • Visual form as metaphors for the complexities of life, inner and other realities of being human, and our place on planet Earth.
  • Homage to the history of Western art as influenced by Eastern art and consciousness.

Inspired by the richness of nature, the built environment, the human figure, and the impulse to create, Deborah is enticed to express and represent her feelings and perceptions which can not be articulated any other way.

Saundra Fleming

Susan Gans

URBAN Exhibition Artist Statement

Susan Gans is a photographer in Seattle. Her urban and rural work explores what the accidental onlooker might not notice during daily travels through that landscape. Her photography often is documentary or “built” from compositing layers of images or double exposures to establish a narrative. Most is in black or white adhering to a journalistic or Street Photography tradition.

Other related work investigates the  meaning of “place”  in relation to history and the currents of change or investigates the meaning of “memory” metaphorically or as part of a biographical approach to tracking time past.

Once an active printmaker, this part of her practice now is more occasional and related to project work. However, the concept of creating layers as a technique for building a story comes from making prints prior to photographs.

Susan has a background in arts and museum education, and also spent time working in the public sector for social work agencies and a government Family Law practice. These experiences are interwoven in her images and ideas about the world she travels or seeks out.